Tag: Christian Persecution

Police officer tells Christian singer she is not allowed to sing religious songs

A Metropolitan Police special constable stopped a gospel singer and told her she was not allowed to sing church songs

Exodus and division: the problems of Iraqi Christians

The marginalized Christian groups are facing the dangers of mass emigration as well.

Kidnapped Christians remain prisoners despite ransom payment

Church officials confirmed that two Christian pastors were still in captivity, despite paying the ransom

Half of British people think religion does "more harm than good" to society

A new survey has found half of British people view religion as “having more negative consequences for society than positive”.

Nigerian Christian lawyer warns of intense persecution

Nigeria led the world with over 5,000 Christians killed for their faith in 2022, according to Open Doors.

Decapitated the Statue of Mary in Dunavecse for New Year’s Eve

On December 31 at 3:35 AM, az unknowned criminal smashed the head of the statue of Holy Mary of Dunavecse (Hungary).

Christians are still persecuted and killed for their faith in today’s world

Christians sacrifice their lives for their faith are still persecuted today - said Pope Francis.

In 2023, twenty Catholic missonaries were killed

In Africa alone, nine missionaries lost their life through violent acts

Europe is on high alert due to Christmas terror plots

French authorities say there's a "very high level of terrorist threat from Islamic terrorists"

Hundreds of Christians arrested in India

According to Release International, the state-fuelled persecution against Christians has peaked in India