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Christian college student slaughtered for sharing Christ in Uganda


24 year-old Jeremiah Mwanga was murdered in his room for spreading the word about Jesus Christ to Muslims

The second-year student at the Uganda Christian School of Professionals in Lira had received death threats from a Muslim student. According to a fellow pupil and friend, the perpetrator terrorized Mwanga because he was spreading the word about the gospel of Christ to Muslim students.

Mwanga’s friend heard screaming from his room around 10pm on the 14th of April.

“After 30 minutes I rushed to the scene of incident and found out that it was Jeremiah’s room” he said “Inside the room was a pool of blood”. The assassin escaped.

Sadly, despite having been taken to Lira Regional Hospital, Mwanga’s life could not be saved.

“Reaching the clinic, I was told by the medical personnel that he was pronounced dead upon arrival” his friend added “I found him lying in the hospital bed, dead.” 

The friend took Mwanga’s phone to the school administration who reported the matter to the police. “Going through his phone, I found out that the threatening message was from a Muslim student who happened to come from Kapchorwa also.”

Police identified the missing perpetrator as Chengalat. Officials later arrested and brought Chengalat to Lira to face murder charges. 

The incident is one of the many assaults on Christians in Uganda. Muslims make up only 12% of the country’s population, most of them living in the eastern parts. The northern and West Nile regions are predominantly Catholic, followed by the Anglican, Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. Uganda promotes religious freedom in the country, including the right to spread one’s faith and convert from one faith to another. Despite this, widespread attacks are common in the country, targeting Christian establishments and citizens. 


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