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The ever-increasing threat on Religious Freedom in Hong Kong

Now we can see the signs of the decline of religious freedom in Hong Kong.

The situation of religious freedom in the People’s Republic of China is worsening from year to year, and this tendency does not seem as if it is going to end in the near future. We can also see the signs of this decline in religious freedom in Hong Kong.

A new report by the Hong Kong Watch, entitled Sell Out My Soul: The Impending Threats to Freedom of Religion or Belief in Hong Kong, gives insight and analysis on the country’s current state of religious freedom. The report finds that the National Security Law has had visible effects on believers in Hong Kong, including self-censorship in sermons and during other kinds of religious activities, Beijing’s growing influence over Hong Kong, its impact on church schools and education, as well as the effects of “Sinicization” of religion in the PRC and its influence in Hong Kong. The erosion of religious freedom is not as drastic and striking in Hong Kong as in the mainland. It is subtle and slow, but this is how the process has started. The report by the Hong Kong Watch intended to be an early sign and warning for the international community to monitor religious freedom in Hong Kong closely, and it should be taken as one.

Source: The Diplomat

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