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Catholics in Hong Kong fear that religious freedom is under threat

Following the passage of new security laws last month, Hong Kong's Catholic community fears for religious freedom

Further decline of religious freedom in Hong Kong

Activists call for international action as religious freedom in Hong Kong is in rapid decline.

Hong Kong finally has it's own Catholic University

The Caritas Institute of Higher Education gained university status. Now it is named Saint Francis Univeristy.

The ever-increasing threat on Religious Freedom in Hong Kong

Now we can see the signs of the decline of religious freedom in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong allows Cardinal Zen to attend Benedict’s funeral

Zen was elevated to cardinal by Benedict in 2006.

Hong Kong may face Bible shortage

China's crackdown on religious minorities continues

90-year-old Cardinal Joseph Zen has been arrested in Hong Kong

The U.S.-based group Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation called Zen's arrest a "violation of basic human rights."

Seven Hong Kong Catholic churches threatened over Holy Mass

It is speculated that a pro-CCP group is behind the threats.

Hundreds of churches to welcome Hong Kongers fleeing China's surveillance state

Hong Kong was a British colony until the handover in 1997, when the "one country, two systems" principle was enacted.