Tag: Christian Persecution

Christian communities threatened in Northern India

Over 25 Christians including pastors were detained or arrested in Uttar Pradesh state last week

Christian convert granted restraining order following death threats from family

Nigerian teen Mary Olowe - pseudonym to protect her identity - has been granted restraining order

Golf Magazine Refused to Publish Golfer’s Pro-Life, Pro-Christian Views

Editors demanded he exclude the pro-Christian and pro-life views of golfer Amy Olson.

Iranian Christian convert pardoned after six years in prison

A Christian convert forced into internal exile after six years in prison has been pardoned

Egypt: Convert or starve and die

A Christian father and son were evicted from their business in Egypt

Muslim in Uganda Kills Wife for Converting to Christianity

A Muslim in eastern Uganda on July 9 killed his wife for converting to Christianity earlier that morning.

Anguish continues in Sudan after a 24-hour ceasefire expires

Rape survivors in Sudan are unable to access vital medication as a result of resumed conflict

Political oppression against European Christians

Executive Secretary of the Hungarian Christian Democratic People's Party said: European politics is against Christians

Christian teens charged with blasphemy could face death penalty

Two Christian boys were charged with blaspheming the prophet Muhammad in Lahore.

Christian Persecution in Hungary: Virgin Mary Statue Destroyed

The statue of Virgin Mary was vandalized by the morning of May 19, smashing the upper part of the artwork.