Tag: Christian Persecution

Burial denied for deceased pastor in Eritrea

A pastor's family was forbidden to bury him in their home town.

Christians arrested at wedding reception in India

Nine pastors and a recently married Christian couple were arrested in India

One in seven Christians is persecuted across the world

Violence and repressive measures targeting Christians have increased in recent years.

Christians are under siege in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Middle East Council of Churches issued statements condemning Azerbaijan’s blockade and inhuman acts toward the Artsakh people.

Christian orphanage founder acquitted of all charges in Nigeria

ICC previously reported on the unjust way authorities prolonged the man's trial.

Christians murdered, abducted or imprisoned in 2022 for their faith

Nigeria was found to be the country with the highest mortality rate for priests.

Cases of intolerance and attacks on Christians in Europe are on the rise

Over 500 cases of discrimination against Christians were reported in Europe for 2021 alone.

Christian persecution is on the rise in at least 18 countries

African countries saw a sharp rise in terrorist violence from non-state militants,