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Mob violence continues against Christians in Chhattisgarh

A group of radical Hindu nationalists brutally attacked a Christian community last week.

In many parts of India, anti-Christian sentiment is getting worse among those influenced by the ‘Hindutva’ persuasion that says all Indians must be Hindus. This ideology leads to violent mobs attacking Christians, as well as their churches, homes and businesses. Last week, several worshippers were severely injured in a brutal attack. 

Pastor Rajendra has been in service to his congregation for several years. He confirms that the constant pressure from Hindu nationalists who request him to shut down the church due to “conversion activities” is becoming more severe. Following the attack, Pastor Rajendra was forced to close the church. He also filed a written complaint to authorities, but they did not process it, and the assaulters were not even reprimanded. The Pastor said that, unfortunately, this is common in Chhattisgarh. The latest incident is one of more than 100 instances of violence against Christians in the area in 2023. Based on reports from the United Christian Forum, there have been more than 143 episodes of brutality against Christians in Chhattisgarh, with more than 35 occasions of social boycotting and 20 incidents of not allowing Christians to bury the dead bodies of their family members. Chhattisgarh ranked second in the most persecuted states in India after Uttar Pradesh.  

Christianity was brought to India by the apostle Saint Thomas, who landed in Kerala in A.D. 52. In earlier decades, Catholic missions gradually embedded themselves into the community. Statues of the Virgin Mary were sometimes draped in saris. Carvings of biblical characters had Indigenous facial features. Some churches conducted marriage ceremonies according to hybrid tribal-Christian customs.


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