Tag: Christian Persecution

Religious persecution continues in Nicaragua

Christians continue to be silenced and imprisoned for their faith in Nicaragua

Christian delegation prompts action on violence in India

A delegation from the United Christian Forum presented a full report on violence against Christians in India

Mob attacks church in Depok, Indonesia

Depok church shifts to online worship after mob attack

50 young Christians released in Eritrea

Around half the group of young Christian musicians has been released after being kept imprisoned for months

America isn't the safe haven for Christians it used to be, says Open Doors

refugee admissions into the United States reached their lowest point during the COVID-19 pandemic

Christian communities threatened in Northern India

Over 25 Christians including pastors were detained or arrested in Uttar Pradesh state last week

Christian convert granted restraining order following death threats from family

Nigerian teen Mary Olowe - pseudonym to protect her identity - has been granted restraining order

Golf Magazine Refused to Publish Golfer’s Pro-Life, Pro-Christian Views

Editors demanded he exclude the pro-Christian and pro-life views of golfer Amy Olson.

Iranian Christian convert pardoned after six years in prison

A Christian convert forced into internal exile after six years in prison has been pardoned

Egypt: Convert or starve and die

A Christian father and son were evicted from their business in Egypt