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Political oppression against European Christians

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In Europe, even at the highest levels of politics, there is a noticeable oppression towards practicing Christians. As a result, the continent has lost its faith and, with it, has given up its peace and security," emphasized the Executive Secretary of the Christian Democratic People's Party (KDNP) in Pécs.

Within the framework of the “Adopt a Cross!” campaign, during the handover of a restored crucifix in the Uránváros district of Pécs, it was stated that Hungary almost stands alone in Europe in advocating for peace amidst the bloody conflict between Ukraine and Russia. As a result, the country faces continuous attacks from Western Europe.

It was expressed that the goal of war proponents in Western Europe is to establish a centralized, manually controlled European United States, devoid of its own identity and consisting of easily manipulated masses, where “peace-preaching Christianity has no place because its views are considered outdated, obsolete, and insufficiently progressive.”

It was emphasized that for Hungarians, the cross symbolizes a two-thousand-year-old European culture, which allowed the Hungarian people to find a home in the Carpathian Basin, preserve their identity, and enrich themselves spiritually and mentally.

The State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office and Deputy Minister of Territorial Development highlighted that while Western Europe is removing crosses, desecrating churches, and persecuting people for their Christian faith, in Hungary, these sacred symbols are being renewed through joint efforts and cooperation. He stated that this is happening precisely because Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, and there is a noticeable aversion towards its practitioners at the highest levels of politics in both the East and the West. The aforementioned examples from Western Europe point to the bleak and threatening condition that the continent has driven itself into: Europe has lost its faith and, as a result, has given up its peace and security.

Csaba Latorcai  stated that the goal of the “Adopt a Cross!” initiative, launched by the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) last year, is not only to save, restore, and pass on crosses located in public spaces and along roads in municipalities but also to serve as a declaration of faith and conviction, a stand for our beliefs.

He emphasized the importance of this endeavor, especially in these perilous times when it becomes increasingly difficult to make our voices heard and proclaim our affirmation of life amid economic difficulties and the cacophony of a culture of erasure. Adding that the restoration of each cross represents a resounding “yes” to life, a testimony to Jesus Christ and Christianity.

Csaba Latorczai announced that over 160 crosses have already been restored in the country through the KDNP initiative, expressing hope that even more people will decide to do the same or join the party’s initiative called “Set Up a Cross for Peace.”

“Let these crosses be exclamation marks, Christian stands, and cries for peace!” urged the politician.

Source: MTI

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