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Two Algerian Christians Face the Courts

The court has tried two Christians for “insulting the prophet and denigrating the precepts of the Muslim religion".

Pray for the Church in Algeria on the 18th of October

On this date, many Christians were forced to leave their church, and some of them were also detained.

Another three churches closed in Algeria

Despite the new Constitution, Christians are still in a difficult situation in Algeria.

Algeria maintains church closures

Algeria’s administrative court has rejected a request from the Spring of Life Church in Makouda to cancel the closure order.

Algeria continues to restrict religious freedom

As many as seventeen Christian churches were forcibly closed in 2019, sometimes violently by the military.

Algerian Christians fear new religious discrimination

Six churches have been forced to close one of which is home to the head of l’Eglise Protestante d’Algerie (EPA).

A statue of the Virgin Mary vandalised in Algeria

The statue at the cave of Our Lady of Santa Cruz d'Oran, was overturned and its stone base damaged.

US congressmen urge Algerian government to reopen churches

“These closures are a clear hindrance to the free practice and exercise of religion”, the politicians say to the President.

US leaders denounce Christian persecution in Algeria

ICC assures it will not relent in their efforts to see Christians in Algeria once again free to assemble and worship.

Algeria’s religious minorities are being restricted

An agenda is at play which seeks to persecute, limit, and oppress Algeria’s religious minorities - especially Christians.