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Algerian Christian convert repatriated from Tunisia

MAK is a political organisation that advocates for Berber rights and was designated as a terrorist organisation by Algeria in May.

Algerian Christian sentenced and fined for “shaking the Muslim faith”

Sentencing for "undermining the faith of a Muslim” can range from two to five years in prison.

Algerian Christian sentenced to prison and heavy fine

Beghal’s wife and children left him in 2017 because of his conversion to Christianity.

USCIRF condemns recent court decisions in Algeria against Christians

The USCIRF published a statement in which they condemn recent court decisions against Christian minorities in Algeria.

Restrictions on religious freedom in Algeria prompt USCIRF condemnation

USCIRF recommended that Algeria be placed on the State Department’s Special Watch List for its persecution religious minorities.

Algerian Christian faces persecution in Tunisia after release from jail

Bouhaf is the father of three children, a thirty-year-old son and two daughters who are twenty-one and nineteen respectively.

Christian man condemned to five years in prison for a caricature of Muhammad

A Christian man in Algeria, was found guilty by the court for sharing a caricature of Muhammad on his Facebook page.

Christian man condemned to prison in Algeria for spreading his faith

Two Christian men were condemned to prison at a hearing they did not even attend.

Two Christians sentenced to prison and heavily fined in Algeria

The two men have appealed their conviction and sentence.

Christian in Algeria Imprisoned

Father of four sentenced to five years in prison because of a Cartoon on Facebook.