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Christians from Hong Kong arrested in China

Stephen Chen Yueli and eight other Christians were arrested in December 2023 and have been detained for two months now. We know very little, if anything, about their condition and whereabouts.

On December 19, 2023, Stephen Chen Yueli and eight other Christians were arrested. The police took Chen Yueli into custody as he entered China from Hong Kong. The charges for his arrest were illegal business operation.

Illegal business operations or fraud are commonly used charges in China against house churches that are not willing to align themselves with the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. Most likely, this was also the case with the false allegation.

Stephen Chen Yueli was involved with printing materials for children’s Sunday school in Hubei to help the local Christian community. Chen Yueli, being an Evangelical Christian himself, was going back and forth between Hong Kong and China, helping Christian communities in mainland China.

He was on his way to visit his wife when he was arrested and transported to Chibi City in Heibei Province. His lawyer and family were denied visits as the Chibi City Public Security Bureau referred to the involvement of national security agents as a reason.

Regarding the other arrested Christians, there is no further information available.

Source: Asia News

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