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Reformed Church raided again in China

The Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church in Anhui province was raided several times by police since 2018. The latest intrusion happened on January 18, while children gathered together in the church to pray and sing.

Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church in Fuyang, Anhui Province, has a long history with Chinese authorities and police raids. The house church was first targeted by the authorities after its leader signed the protest of house church pastors against the Regulation on Religious Affairs in 2018.

After this, the church was under constant surveillance and was the target of frequent harassment. After an attack on the church in 2021, Elder Chang Shun was taken away by police while leading a prayer.

In 2023, he was detained, released, and detained again, together with several members of the church. No devotee of the church is free from police harassment.

The latest case happened on January 18. The police raided the Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church while children had come together to pray and sing there. Three Christians were detained, who were leading the children. They are in detention right now, waiting for further investigations.

Source: Bitter Winter

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