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China denied legal visits to detained house preacher

Details have emerged surrounding the April arrest of a house church preacher from China’s Yunnan region who was arrested by local officials and has not returned home.


Preachers Li Jie, Han Xiaodong and their associate Wang Qiang have had formal accusations leveled against them by Yaodu District public prosecutors, the U.K.-based group Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports.

Prosecutors claim Li and Han set up an unauthorized organization and numerous “illegal activity sites” within the city with Wang, enticing individuals to contribute tithes and thanksgiving donations, the group said, adding that the indictment statement was shared by the church late last month.

Li and Han were subjected to residential surveillance in a detention site after an August 2022 church raid involving over 100 police officers. Both experienced three consecutive days and nights of sleep deprivation. They were officially arrested in September 2022, while Wang was detained in November and formally arrested on fraud charges in December.


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