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About ninety Christians were expelled from a village in Bangladesh

In Southeast Sudan twenty-one Christian families have been expelled because they did not want to convert to the Hindu faith.


The Hindu leaders of some villages in Southeast Sudan tried to expel Christians from their communities because they would not convert to Hinduism. The expelled Christians are prohibited from entering into contact with the inhabitants of these villages, from participating in the social life of the community or trading with the Hindus.

Even those Hindu inhabitants, who talk to the expelled Christians, suffer the same fate.

For this reason, Christians in these villages find it difficult to survive. They are usually ridiculed by the other people, and even their own families turn against them. The children of Christians are no exception. They are forbidden to play with other children.

However, despite these difficulties, Christians do not renounce God. “Jesus Christ is our saviour and Lord. We cannot deny our Lord.  We can confront any situation with him by our side. We will never return to Hinduism. Please pray for us,” pleaded one of the local Christians in an interview with the Open Doors agency.

Source: Portas Abertas

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