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Pray for adolescent girl who is persecuted for her faith by her family

The friends of a fifteen-year-old Indian girl ask Christians to pray for her because she suffered persecution by her own family.

Christian woman blamed for her husband's death in India

God has worked miracles in the lives of her family and community to sustain her.

Indian Christians revolt against obligation to practice Hindu rites in schools

In the public and private schools of western India, the students will be obligated to pray Hindu prayers.

Hindu nationalist flag planted on shuttered church in southern India

On the 17th of January, a saffron flag, a symbol of Hindu nationalism, was planted on a church in southern India.

Hindus who go to church in India are threatened to be beaten

Radical Hinduist leader threatened to attack any Hindu who visit churches during the Christmas season.

Five Christian families reconverted to Hinduism in India

On the 6th of December, twenty-three Christians were reconverted to Hinduism in a Ghar Wapsi ceremony.

About ninety Christians were expelled from a village in Bangladesh

In Southeast Sudan twenty-one Christian families have been expelled because they did not want to convert to the Hindu faith.

Pastor killed in clashes over land dispute in India

A Christian pastor was killed in northeastern India when a dispute over a plot of land turned violent.

Young Christians were banished from their home village in India

They were banished from their home village because they refused to renounce their Christian faith and convert to Hinduism.

'Yoga has no place in the life of Christians' rules Greek Orthodox Church

The decision, made at a recent synod meeting in Athens, came about after reports of a rise in the number of people using yoga