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Five Christian families reconverted to Hinduism in India

On the 6th of December, twenty-three Christians were reconverted to Hinduism in a Ghar Wapsi ceremony. In India, many Christians return to the Hindu religion due to strong religious discrimination and persecution against Christians.


The ceremony was held in Haliyal town, in the state of  Karnataka. This kind of ceremony is not rare in India, because many Christians return to Hinduism in India, to avoid discrimination or even persecution.

Some deputies of the country, Anant Kumar Hegde, Uttara Kannada and MLA Suneel Hegde participated in the ritual and gave flags to the converted to ‘celebrate’ their return to Hinduism. According to the deputies, Indians, who convert to Christianity are not aware of what the religion consists of.

The authorities have announced their intention to launch a campaign to prevent people from converting to Christianity, especially low-income families.

Source: Portas Abertas


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