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Christian pastor and his family attacked and left unconscious in India

Around 30 radical Hindu nationalists stormed into a Christian house church whilst the pastor and his family were preparing for Sunday morning worship. The assailants were carrying knives and sticks.

The pastor’s wife suffered a head injury while trying to protect her husband. She was left unconscious.  Later she was rushed to the hospital  along with other believers who suffered serious internal injuries. 

According to local sources, the mob attacked the family for supposedly converting villagers to Christianity. The assailants vandalized the house church, damaging the furniture and other items. The pastor called the police, but they detained the family at the police station for more than 24 hours, keeping them under investigation after the mob accused the pastor and his wife of conducting illegal conversions. Finally the pastor and his wife were released on bail. 

The pastor, who has been serving his community for more than six years, received several threats during this time. 

Hindutva is a Hindu extremist ideology that claims that “Only Hindus are true Indians”. They are pushing the doctrine that Christians, Muslims and other religious minorities have ‘foreign’ roots and must be expelled. They attack Christians and other minorities with impunity, using extreme violence in some parts of the country.

Many Indian states are implementing anti-conversion laws, supposedly to stop Hindus being forcibly converted to other religions. In reality, these laws are used as an excuse to harass and intimidate Christians who have gatherings at home or help their communities by distributing aid. These laws do not seem to protect Christians from being coerced back into Hinduism.

Christians increasingly experience social exclusion in their communities, discrimination in the workplace, and have false accusations and rumours spread about them.


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