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‘Yoga has no place in the life of Christians’ rules Greek Orthodox Church

The decision, made at a recent synod meeting in Athens, came about after reports of a rise in the number of people using yoga to combat stress during the Coronavirus pandemic.


The Greek Orthodox Church has put out a ruling to all its members stating that yoga is “incompatible” with the Christian faith.

“Yoga is absolutely incompatible with our Orthodox faith and has no place in the life of Christians,” the statement reads. “It is a fundamental chapter in Hindu religion…it is not a ‘kind of physical exercise’.”

Yoga dates back over 2,000 years with links to both Hinduism and Buddhism. In more modern times it’s often been used as a form of exercise without religious connotations.

Recently the issue was questioned within the Church of England after a yoga class was banned by a parish in Devon.

Archdeacon Mark Butchers of Barnstaple later said there said that there are a range of views on the topic with the Church.


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