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Hagia Sophia cathedral hosts first Muslim prayers in 88 years

Hagia Sophia used to be one of the main Christian cathedrals.

Turkey’s abuse of historic churches continues

Turkey’s history is riddled with examples of converting churches into mosques or transforming them into tourism sites.

Goverment restrictions on religion at highest level since 2007

In June, President Trump signed an executive order that makes international religious freedom a priority in U.S foreign policy.

UNESCO reacts to the conversion of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia used to operate as a museum and any changes to that status is understood to negatively impact its UNESCO standing.

Memorial commemorating Armenian genocide vandalised in France

The mayor of the town of Décines reported that the French army would protect the monument from now on.

Greeks living in Turkey remain on edge

The area of today's Turkey used to be inhabited mailnly by Christian populations such as Greeks, Assyrians, and Armenians.

Armenian Prime Minister accuses Turkey of "treading the path to genocide"

Armenian Christians are the first victims of this new wave of violence in the Caucasus.

Turkey in "holy war" against the Armenians

The escalation of violence is a result of the weak reaction of the international community to the "Four Day War" of 2016.

Turkish President Erdogan annoyed by erection of huge cross in Thrace

Representatives of the Greek army were present for the consecration of the cross, which enraged the Turks.

Turkey converts another renowned church into a mosque

The Chora Church, located in Istanbul, is considered second in renown compared to the Hagia Sophia.