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Turkey in “holy war” against the Armenians

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent four thousand Syrian mercenaries to wage "jihad against Christians" in Nagorno-Karabakh. They are recruited for three months by an external organisation and are paid $ 1,800 per month.


The information on this subject was confirmed in local sources by the mission agency Asia News and the Observatory for Human Rights in Syria. They report that four thousand mercenaries have already arrived in Baku, and another one thousand jihadists are preparing to leave Syria. They declare that their goal is “to fight the Christian crusaders” and that their support for Azerbaijan is “part of the jihad, that is, the holy war of Muslims against Christians.”

The well-known Catholic Armenian writer Antonia Arslan emphasises that this fits in with the neo-Ottoman ambitions of President Erdogan, who, using the ethnocultural and economic relationship between the Turks and the Azeris, saw the possibility of further expanding his geopolitical influence.

The writer points out that Armenia was left to fate by the international community. “I would like to hear a strong voice from Europe, but who is ready to die for Nagorno-Karabakh? Nobody wanted to die for Gdańsk in 1939, much less will they want for us,” Arslan argued.

Asia News sources report that the famous Syrian terrorist Abu Amsha, commander of Suleiman Shah’s brigade, who became famous for his atrocities during the fighting in Libya, has arrived in Azerbaijan. His people are considered “the cruelest killers among mercenaries”, who are also characterised by a particular hatred of Christians, that is, according to them, “infidels”.



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