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Turkish President Erdogan annoyed by erection of massive cross in Thrace

A massive cross has been erected on the territory of Greek Thrace at the border with Turkey. Turkish authorities, and especially President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, fiercely protested, considering this decision as "another Greek provocation."



The fifteen-meter cross was placed at some distance from the Orthodox Monastery of Agia Skep in Nea Vyssa. A day after its erection, the solemn consecration of the entire structure of the cross took place, with the participation of Metropolitan Didymoteicho, who climbed the hill using a red carpet placed on the stairs. 

The massive iron cross, glowing at night, is visible from a nearby Turkish village and even from the city of Edirne. It was set – maliciously, according to the Turks – on a small hill above the monastery. Greek national flags and yellow and black Byzantine flags fly at the bottom of the structure, crowned with a cross.

President Erdoğan said, however, that Angela Merkel will complain about the decision of the Greeks to erect a border cross. What support is the Turkish president counting on? Why exactly from Berlin? It is difficult to find a rational answer to this question.



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