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The Way of the Cross of an Italian town was vandalised

A statue of Christ was stolen from the first of the stations of the cross.

A Swiss TV channel prohibited its presenter from wearing a cross pendant

This situation has caused a great discussion in Switzerland regarding religious freedom.

A cross was removed from a playground in Berlin

The cross was replaced with an orange cat.

Christian worker fired for refusing to remove cross necklace awarded over $26,00

The man was informed that he was terminated for not complying with the company's instructions.

A cross has been stolen from a German church

The suspect has already been caught for similar offenses.

Yet another cross demolished in Spain

The leftist narrative behind these actions is justified by the lie claiming Christian symbols are somehow fascist.

Vandal cut a roadside cross with a saw in Poland

The recording shows a man using a cordless grinder, sawing the wooden structure of the cross and pushing it to the ground.

Life size cross stolen in England

The stolen crucifix has now been validated to be £20,000 worth since it carries a sculpture of Jesus Christ.  

The Spanish Left wants to eliminate all crosses from public spaces

Many Spaniards forget about the atrocities of Communism in the previous century, focusing exclusively on "remains of Francoism."