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A cross was removed from a playground in Berlin

The local government in Berlin’s Mitte district, controlled by the left-liberal Green party, has removed a cross that had been situated on top of a play structure in a playground located in Monbijoupark, replacing the Christian symbol with an orange cat.


The change to the children’s playground, which took two years to plan and build, came shortly before it had opened to the public. The playground’s wooden castle with two towers had a cross and a star sitting atop the spires, which, following alleged complaints, were promptly removed and replaced by a cat and a miniature TV tower, the Berlin-based newspaper Junge Freiheit reports.

It should be noted that the leftist-controlled district government’s decision to remove the cross goes against the wishes of the children who were directly involved in the two-year planning process. In a report on the participation process, under the children’s ideas and wishes, it says: “Castle with sparkling crosses/star on the two towers.”


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