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Case opened over the burning of a cross in Spain

On June 1st, the provincial prosecutor's office of La Coruña opened a case over the burning of a cross in La Toleira of Neda, following a complaint by the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers.


The lawyers’ organization indicates that BNG (Galician nationalist party) members were responsible for the incident. They are charged with possible hate crimes, offending religious feelings, offending historical heritage and illegal demonstrations.

The Prosecutor’s Office is asking the police to identify those involved in the reported act and the person(s) responsible for the fire. Ana Antón, a lawyer with the Spanish Christian Lawyers Foundation, welcomed the Prosecutor’s Office’s decision.

She commented: “This act demonstrates the hatred that some far-left parties have against Catholics. Such acts cannot go unpunished. And faced with the passivity of the institutions, Christian lawyers will go all the way to defend Christian symbols.”


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