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Two Italian churches were desecrated on the same day

On the afternoon of October 28, the Church of San Giovannino was desecrated. A young man entered the presbytery, climbed onto the altar to reach for the crucifix and threw it on the floor, breaking it into several pieces.


After that, he removed a crucifix from the wall at the front of the church and smashed it. Security cameras filmed the incident, even though the man had extinguished the candles in the church so as not to be recognized.

The same day, at the parish of Santo Stefano, a young man tore down and then stomped on the crucifix of the main altar. The police are continuing to investigate the video footage from the vandalism of both churches.

Furthermore, on November 1, it was reported that a small crucifix in a confessional in the Addolorata Church in via San Giacomo della Vittoria was removed and shattered.


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