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LGBT group vandalized an Orthodox church in Greece

Unknown persons wrote slogans on the ground and walls against the Orthodox faith and the Metropolitan Jerome.

A Greek Easter service was interrupted by a man shouting in Arabic

The perpetrator only had the time to shout "Everybody listen!" before being taken away.

The Brazilian government joined the Hungary Helps Program

Brasil is the 6th country to join the Hungary Helps Program.

Bomb detonates in Greek church on New Year's Eve

The police are investigating the attack.

The leaders of Lesbos feel left alone by Europe and helped by Hungary

Tristan Azbej inaugurated a chapel in Lesbos, which was renovated through financial aid from the Hungarian government.

A church was vandalised by migrants in Greece

The desecration and vandalism of Greek Orthodox churches deeply divides the people living on the island of Lesvos.

Greeks living in Turkey remain on edge

The area of today's Turkey used to be inhabited mailnly by Christian populations such as Greeks, Assyrians, and Armenians.

Turkish President Erdogan annoyed by erection of huge cross in Thrace

Representatives of the Greek army were present for the consecration of the cross, which enraged the Turks.

Illegal immigrants vandalise a church in Lesvos

“The situation in the village is tragic,” said Makis Pavlellis, a local who lives and works in Moria.