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The Brazilian government joined the Hungary Helps Program

In the Hungary Helps Program framework, the Hungarian government provides humanitarian assistance to persecuted Christians. In addition to the humanitarian aid, the program aims to invite other governments to join in helping the hundreds of millions of Christians in need.

The State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program is already cooperating with the United States, Poland, Estonia, Greece and Slovenia. On the 17th of February, Hungary signed a memorandum of understanding with Brasil about humanitarian cooperation.

In the document, the two countries’ governments agree about the importance of helping in situ instead of backing migration. They also agree about the necessity of assisting threatened religious minorities. This cooperation enables the mutual assistance of Christian communities suffering from violent attacks and the sharing of humanitarian aid.

The Hungary Helps Program has already helped more than five hundred thousand people. The principle of the program is to bring help to the places where it is needed – not bringing the people in need to Hungary.


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