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ADF rebels attack Christian community in DRC

Four people were killed, several homes pillaged and livestock stolen when the militant group Allied Democratic Forces raided a Christian community.

The militant extremists attacked the Christian community twice this month already. In their previous attack, they slayed several people and took many others hostage. The ADF has also violently raided Christian hospitals and churches in DRC to disrupt peace and stability in the region. Another destructive attack occurred at the CECA 20 – Evangelical Community of Central Africa – hospital of Mangodomu, where ADF militants set the building on fire, causing considerable damage, chaos and nurses going missing.

One of the survivors, a young woman called Rachel, managed to survive by hiding behind debris. She is still suffering from post-traumatic stress following the incident: “They appeared out of nowhere. The night was filled with screams and gunfire, plunging us into chaos. The rebels showed no mercy, targeting men, women, and children indiscriminately. Our once peaceful village became a scene of horror and devastation. I feared for my life, but somehow, I managed to escape”. 

According to a local civil society leader: “This marks the latest assault in Beni as the insurgents persist in their brutal campaigns against innocent civilians. The search for victims is ongoing, and we fear the death toll may rise. This incident follows a series of attacks last week, where more than ten Christians fell victim to ADF violence. We urge the government to strengthen efforts to protect all citizens and their property.”

A local priest also condemns the attacks and urges the government to take appropriate action to protect Christians in the area: “We are witnessing a tragic loss of lives due to terrorism, with the government failing to intervene effectively. The rebels freely roam villages, instilling fear in everyone. Women and girls are being abducted and taken into camps hidden within dense forests. In the eastern region of DR Congo, there are now two distinct communities: those living in vulnerable villages and those forced to dwell in ADF strongholds deep in the wilderness. The population in these camps is rapidly expanding, threatening to surpass those residing in villages. May the Lord grant us deliverance.”


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