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ADF rebels attack Christian community in DRC

Members of the Allied Democratic Forces attacked the Christian village of Mangina in Beni, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Fourteen hostages were rescued from ADF

The rescue comes as a prelude to the upcoming bilateral meeting to review the status of the counterinsurgency (COIN) campaign.

DRC Jihadists murder 12 people including women and children

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorist group struck another attack in Congo

Police rescue 40 Christian children in kidnapping scam

They arrested two people in connection with the kidnappings.

Pope Francis remembered of priests murdered in South Sudan

Pope Francis held a moment of silence Saturday for priests and religious who have been killed in South Sudan.

A vehicle transporting missionaries was attacked in the DR Congo

A young postulant was injured and transferred to the hospital.

DRC President’s brother-in-law has been accused of stealing land from the Church

Reportedly, the relationship between the Catholic Church and Congolese government has been tense for many years.

52 civilians killed by Jihadists in the DRC

For years, dozens of armed militias have wreaked havoc in the DRC, a predominately Christian nation.

Islamic State claims responsibility for suicide bombing in Congo

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day suicide bombing that killed at least five people in the DRC.