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DRC President’s brother-in-law has been accused of stealing land from the Church

DRC President Felix Tshisekedi’s brother-in-law has been accused of stealing land by members of the Catholic Church in Kinshasa who called it “state banditry.”


Father Christian Ngazin, the rector of the theological seminary St. John XXIII, stated in a press conference that the church has held around nine hectares of land since “colonial times.” He said in the conference that some people came to the land in 2019, “wrongfully” claiming ownership of the land.

On Monday, July 18, the people came back to take the land and “broke down the door, attacked the security guards and started construction work.

They came under the mandate of Mr John Nyakeru,” according to Father Ngazin. John Nyakeru is the Congo’s ambassador to Kenya, as well as Denise Nyakeru’s brother. Denise is the wife of President Tshisekedi.


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