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ADF rebels attack Christian community in DRC

Members of the Allied Democratic Forces attacked the Christian village of Mangina in Beni, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

UK military "in desperate need of Christians" according to major general

As the UK army combats with a "a recruitment and retention crisis" a former major general calls for more Christians

Coptic monastery attacked and occupied in Sudan

Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the last years as a result of local conflicts.

Burmese military targeted a Catholic village several times

Thousands of people were forced to flee their homes to nearby safe areas.

Military camps in Mali and Burkina Faso have been attacked by extremists

The attacks were claimed by Katiba Macina, an Islamist extremist group with ties to the firebrand Muslim preacher Amadou Koufa.

Myanmar’s military junta targeting religious buildings

Majority Christian Chin state in Western Myanmar has had 62 religious structures destroyed.

Salesians arrested in early November in Ethiopia have been released

The Ethiopian government closely monitors international cooperation organisations, including those linked to the Catholic Church

Sixteen soldiers killed by jihadists in Mali

Jihadists have overtaken areas with weak governmental leadership.

Afghan Christians call for prayer as international forces prepare for withdrawal

Open Doors ranks Afghanistan second on its World Watch List of countries where it is the most difficult to be a Christian.

Catholic priests arrested and released by Myanmar army

The Burmese military have arrested and released six Catholic priests and a lay Catholic in the village of Chan Thar.