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Eleven-year-old Christian girl raped in Pakistan

The attacker, a Muslim man, raped her and then left her abandoned on the street.

Sixteen-year-old girl kidnapped and raped refused to deny her Christian faith

The girl said that even if they murdered her, she would not separate herself from Jesus Christ.

Eight-year-old Christian girl trapped and raped by Muslim man in Pakistan

The man asked the girl to go to his house and help him take out a cup from under his bed.

Christian woman shot by her daughter's rapist

Christian woman who tried to protect her kidnapped daughter was shot five times by her rapist.

Another minor girl is forced to marry her rapist in Pakistan

The Christian girl was working in a medicine factory given that her school was closed down due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Another Christian girl kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan

Nayab started to work in a hairdresser salon to earn some money to help her poverty-stricken family during the school break.

Christian girl raped in her own home by Muslim men in Pakistan

A thirteen-year-old Christian girl, Sheeza Waris was raped in her own home yesterday the 26th of May.