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Eight-year-old Christian girl trapped and raped by Muslim man in Pakistan

On the 18th of August, a Muslim man asked an eight-year-old Christian girl on the street to go to his house and help him take out a cup from under his bed. The girl first refused, but the man insisted the naive girl agreed to help. Once inside the house, the girl realised that there was no cup under the bed and the nightmare began.

In the Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group, Hector Aleem shared the tale of an eight-year-old Pakistani Christian girl named Naina, who was kidnapped by a Muslim man on her way to school and later raped in the man’s own home. In a video shared on Facebook, the girl talks about her traumatic experience in her mother language.

The Facebook post says in English:

“She said whilst she was on her way to school a man who lived on her street stopped her and asked her to go into his house. She refused: he insisted and told her there is a cup under his bed that he cannot take out and he needs her help. She finally went in and tried to take out the cup from under the bed but found out that there was no cup. After that, the man locked the door and removed her clothes as well as his clothes. After that, you know what happened to this poor Christian girl.”

The post also says that it is unnecessary mentioning the name of the violator, as we know, what kind of people rape Christian girls in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Christian girls are raped, forcefully converted and forced to marry old Muslim men because of their faith, daily. While it is unbelievable for Christian men to marry a Muslim woman, it is typical that Muslim men marry Christian girls to convert them.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians

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