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Christian woman shot by her daughter’s rapist

Christian woman who tried to protect her kidnapped daughter was shot five times by her rapist.

The Pakistani Christian woman is called Tahira. Her thirteen-year-old daughter, Mehak, was kidnapped and raped by a forty-three-year-old Muslim man. The girl managed to escape and go back to her family. The mother hid her in a safe place. Some months later, the family discovered that the girl was pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy child, who is now four months old. 

The kidnapper, Shahid Muhammed, kept asking Tahira about her daughter, but the Christian woman refused to give any information. On the 26th of July, Tahira and her husband Rasheed were heading home from work when Muhammad Shahid confronted them and asked them to hand over Mehak to him, along with another sister of Mehak.

Tahira and Rasheed refused to let Shahid know about the whereabouts of Mehak. Then, Shahid took out his pistol and started firing in rage. He shot Tahira three times in her left leg and twice in her right one. Even after she fell down, he kept shooting at her.  Tahira is now in hospital.

A week has passed by, and no case has been filed against Muhammad Shahid. In addition, the police are purposely delaying the case and are also pressurising Tahira not to file a lawsuit against Shahid. 

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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