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A sixteen-year-old girl that was kidnapped and raped refused to deny her Christian faith


A sixteen-year-old Christian girl named Reena from Pakistan was kidnapped on the 31st of July 2021. The girl was at home with her mother, who could not stop the thirty-nine-year-old abductor and his accomplices.

The thirty-nine-year-old Muhammad Kashif and his accomplices looted their home and took jewellery and some cash. They then kidnapped the girl.

In the video shared on the Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group, one can hear Reena giving her statement in her native language. She says that the kidnappers kept her in an unknown location for six days; during this period, she was raped and tortured by her captors. Muhammad Kashif,  one of the kidnappers, was known to the victim because he lived in the neighbourhood.

The Muslim men kept on forcing her to convert to Islam, especially Muhammad Kashif,  who wanted her to convert so that he could marry her. Reena refused, stating that even if  they were to murder her she would not leave Jesus Christ. After that, when they couldn’t force her to convert, they left her at a bus stop and ran away.

It was only then that Reena was able to ask a local woman to call her family. Her father, Nazeer Masih, went to the Police station for help. Unfortunately, the exercise was futile. Not only did the police refuse to help, but they resorted to making fun of him and threatened him. When the girl went to the hospital for a medical examination, even the doctor was rude to her and told her that she should have listened to the kidnappers and converted to Islam.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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