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The Portuguese parliament has legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide

Over 95,000 people signed a petition demanding the project of law to be rejected. 

Portuguese episcopate suspends baptisms, weddings and confirmations

These new regulations are introduced almost ten months after the first forced quarantine was announced.

Portuguese left-wing government wans to introduce euthanasia

In September, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa expressed support for the initiative to legalise euthanasia.

Portuguese President wants to limit the number of pilgrims to Fatima

The head of state explained the arrival of 50,000 pilgrims could endanger public health.

Pastoral activity will resume in Fatima

The Fatima sanctuary was opened last Tuesday after a period of restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The faithful can return to the Shrine of Fatima

The Shrine of Fatima has been closed since the 14th of March for sanitary reasons related to the pandemic.

Portuguese government refuses to allow public worship to resume

Prime Minister Antonio Costa stipulated that restrictions on participation in services may remain in force "for many months."

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo alive today after surviving abortion attempt

The story of the Portuguese striker shows that an unwanted child is susceptible of achieving great things.

Portuguese bishops speak up against euthanasia

The Catholic church of Portugal emphasizes that the role of the government is to serve its people.

The Portuguese Parliament condemns the Christians' persecution around the world

Portuguese deputies: “The world cannot be indifferent in the face of the sufferings of persecuted Christians.”