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Portuguese left-wing government wants to introduce euthanasia

Opponents of legalising euthanasia by the Portuguese parliament sent an open letter to the deputies of the unicameral Assembly of the Republic asking for a referendum to be held on this matter. The document entitled "Listen to the nation" states that elected politicians should respect the opinions of their voters and give them the right to decide on an issue as important as legalising euthanasia.


“It is a very important decision, which includes the values ​​contained in the constitution of a democratic state,” wrote the authors of the document addressed to Portuguese MPs, in which they asked them to vote in the chamber to organise a plebiscite.

The Portuguese Federation for Life (PFV) came out with the initiative of organising a nationwide referendum, which managed to gather over ninety-five thousand people under the citizens’ referendum project.

According to the declarations of the PFV authorities, the plebiscite would save Portugal from having to approve in law, by the left-dominated parliament, legislation sanctioning the so-called assisted suicide.


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