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Four christians decapitated by Islamists in Indonesia

On the 11th of May, four coffee planters, aged between forty-two and sixty-one years, were decapitated by Islamist extremists.

Janine Coponet who witnesses the murder of Father Hammel died aged 91.

Janine Coponet, a witness of the murder of Jacques Hamel, passed away on the 19th of April aged 91.

Gunmen killed four Christians in southern Nigeria

Two suspects have been arrested and Bayelsa State Police Command has launched a manhunt for the attackers.

Christian woman raped and killed in Nigeria

Police have arrested one suspect believed to be connected to Omozuwa's murder.

Nigerian student died after she was attacked in a church

Uwaila Vera Omozuwa suffered a brutal attack in a church after which she was taken to hospital; her life could not be saved.

Religious leaders of Pakistan condemn the murder of young Christian man

The 22-year-old Saleem Masih was brutally beaten and died a few days later because of his injuries.

Belgian priest murdered in South Africa

Father Joseph Hollanders was found dead in his house in the village of Bodibe

Muslim asylum seeker imprisoned for killing wife who converted to Christianity

A U.K. court sentenced a Muslim Iranian asylum seeker to jail

Soon-to-be evangelical minister raped and killed in Indonesia

The body of a female prospective pastor was found in Indonesia’s South Sumatra

Sentence issued against policeman who murdered 2 Christians

Policeman Rabie Mustafa Khalifa sentenced to death for premeditated murder