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Sentence issued against policeman who murdered 2 Christians

A criminal court in Upper Egypt’s Minya Governorate has issued a death sentence against policeman Rabie Mustafa Khalifa. This past December, he had approached two Coptic Christians and shot them at close range.

Initially, police alleged that Mustafa had shot these men in self-defense. However, ICC reported how security camera footage showed Mustafa had walked towards these Christians with his weapon pulled.  Mustafa was a church guard who had disagreement with these Christians a few days prior. Witness testimony and video footage showed how this murder was premeditated. The two Christians killed were a father and son.

The death sentence in Egypt must be confirmed by the Grand Mufti of al-Azhar.

Egypt ranks number 16 on Open Doors Watch List and is a Tier 2 Country by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Christians regularly report harassment (including by police forces), discrimination, and being victims of violence. Most of Egypt’s Christians belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church and reside in Minya.

Source: Persecution

Photo: An Egyptian policeman stands guard on top of a vehicle in central Cairo (AFP Photo)

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