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Al-Shabaab Islamist seek to banish Christians from Northeastern Kenya

Attacks by terrorists targeting Christians in Northeastern Kenya have been intensifying in the last few years.

Two Christians killed in Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya

Kenya has become a common location for Al-Shabaab to conduct attacks targeting Christians.

Tristan Azbej: Churches are strategic partners in humanitarian policy

The Hungarian government is trying to maintain a close cooperation with churches in its humanitarian policy.

Al-Shabaab Threatens All Non-Local Christians in Northeastern Kenya

Al-Shabaab: "There is no need for the presence of disbelievers.”

Kenya: three people assassinated by Islamists

The criminals wanted the passengers to recite the chahada, the Muslim profession of faith.

Three Christian teachers murdered in Kenya

25 killed by Al-Shabaab over the past five weeks

Al-Shabaab murders three in Kenya bus attack

The victims are believed to be non-local Christians returning to Lamu after spending the Christmas season in upcountry.

At least nine Christians murdered in Kenya attack

The passengers on the Mandera-bound bus who could not recite the Shahada were paraded out of the bus and shot dead.

Conference on Cross-Border Peace and Evangelization in Kenya

"We will no longer remain indecisive and we will no longer be fearful."