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Al-Shabaab Islamists seek to banish Christians from northeastern Kenya

Tensions are rising in Kenya where the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization (closely associated with Al-Qaeda) ordered Christians from Northeastern Kenya to leave the region. Islamists from a group previously active in neighboring Somalia believe that Christians are taking jobs from local Muslims.


The International Christian Concern has recently reported that Christians are already being forced to leave the area near the Somalian border. Representatives of almost all branches of Christianity who have been present in the region for centuries are not surprised by the ultimatum and actions of Muslims. One of the local priests does not hide the fact that Muslims on the border between Kenya and Somalia never really wanted peaceful coexistence with Christians.

The Al-Shabaab order seeks to “guarantee new living spaces for the followers of Allah.”

 “We cannot tolerate the situation in which Muslim teachers, doctors or engineers who have recently graduated are unemployed and have no prospects for it, because Christians occupy the most attractive positions. We want to give them a chance, because there is no room for infidels here, ” said Ali Dhere, one of the influential commanders of the terrorist group in an ultimatum directed to Christians online.


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