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Al Shabaab Suspected in Killing of Six Christians in Somalia

Six Kenyan merchants killed by suspected militants from the Islamic extremist Al Shabaab on Friday.

Exploring the five countries with the most severe persecution of Christians

Efforts to promote religious freedom are crucial for protecting the rights and safety of Christians and other religious groups.

Al-Shabaab peace offer threatens Christian minority

Al-Shabab offers peace deal to the US government, but the cost would be the eradication of Somalia's entire Christian minority

The escalation of Al-Shabaab violence continues across East Africa

The terrorist group operates among others in Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya.

Al-Shabaab killed over 100 people in a terrorist attack in Somalia

Accodring to the police, "terrorists killed mothers with their children trapped on their backs”

Nine people killed by Al-Shabaab in hotel attack in Somalia

Nine civilians were killed and forty-seven people were wounded in the attack.

Somali pastor attacked for leaving Islam in Kenya

In May, Muslim women beat his wife as she was returning from a market.

18 people killed by Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Government forces have not reached the scene yet, as locals report.

Al-Shabaab killed at least eight in Somalia

The bomb exploded in front of a school.

Suicide bomb kills three in Somalia

Al-Shabaab is a jihadist militant organisation whose primary aim is to create an Islamic Statate in Somalia.