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Radical Muslims beat young Christian woman unconscious in Kenya

Seven assailants also broke two teeth of her nineteen-year-old sister and also injured their eighteen-year-old brother.

The Church in Somalia is growing, despite radical Islamism

Among other things, Christians are also blamed for spreading the coronavirus.

Seven people killed in southern and central Somalia

The attackers were probably radical Islamists.

Religious persecution is escalating worldwide during coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has exponentially escalated religious persecution against Christians and other minority groups worldwide.

Christian minorities across Africa face extreme persecution amid the pandemic

Christian minorities in Nigeria are receiving one-sixth of the food rations allotted to them, unlike their Muslim counterparts.

Al Shabab is trying to expand and concentrate on mainly US targets, experts say

Al Qaeda's African branch is "gearing up" to conduct more severe attacks on specific targets, Christians among them.

The exodus of teachers fleeing violence causes education crisis in Kenya

Over half of the teachers in primary and secondary schools in eastern Kenya have demanded transfers to safer regions.

Al-Shabaab Islamist seek to banish Christians from Northeastern Kenya

Attacks by terrorists targeting Christians in Northeastern Kenya have been intensifying in the last few years.

Al-Shabaab warns all Christians to leave northeastern Kenya

Al-Shabaab is al-Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia and operates primarily out of the country's southern and central regions.

Bishops propose Arab World Youth Day for Middle East Catholics

The proposed “World Day of Youth of the Arab Regions” would take place in Jordan as the first host country.