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Al Shabaab Suspected in Killing of Six Christians in Somalia

Six Kenyan merchants killed by suspected militants from the Islamic extremist Al Shabaab on Friday.

The escalation of Al-Shabaab violence continues across East Africa

The terrorist group operates among others in Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya.

Al-Shabaab killed over 100 people in a terrorist attack in Somalia

Accodring to the police, "terrorists killed mothers with their children trapped on their backs”

Nine people killed by Al-Shabaab in hotel attack in Somalia

Nine civilians were killed and forty-seven people were wounded in the attack.

18 people killed by Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Government forces have not reached the scene yet, as locals report.

Twenty-one people were killed in latest Al-Shabaab attack

Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based Islamic jihadist group, besieged a hotel in Mogadishu on Friday, August 19.

Four travellers killed by an explosive in Kenya

The incident occurred two days after 13 people died in Arabia, Mandera county, in a similar manner.

Hundreds of women enslaved in Mozambique

Last November, ISIS-linked militants beheaded over 50 people, including women and children.

Al-Shabaab kills two people and injures ten in Kenya

Attacks by Al-Shabaab in Kenya most often involve the killing of Christians in small villages or who are riding on buses.

Al-Shabaab killed at least eight in Somalia

The bomb exploded in front of a school.