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International Christian Concern restores a church in Kenya

In May 2019, a conflict between local Christians and Muslims escalated into riots which affected the community at large. Muslim rioters destroyed churches in the community and looted several shops owned by Christians.


During this period of unrest, rioters destroyed and stole sound equipment and furniture belonging to Kingdom Gospel for All Nations Church.

To help the congregation recover, ICC purchased new sound equipment, power connections, a fan, and a pulpit for the church. These items will help facilitate the church’s weekly Sunday gatherings as well as their efforts to evangelise in the local community.

The pastor of the church shared, “First and foremost, I take this opportunity to give all glory and honour to God and our saviour Jesus Christ… I want to thank God because of your deeds for buying these instruments for our church and encouraging us to continue preach­ing [the] Good News of Christ.”


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