Tag: Eastern Europe

Christians who fled Ukraine with family grieve over country's fate

Thousands of Ukrainian families are now separated.

US-based Christian group sends emergency supplies to Ukrainian churches

Ukrainian forces continued to fiercely resist invading Russian troops on the fourth day of fighting.

Radio broadcaster calls for Christian unity among Russian attack on Ukraine

Daniel Johnson argued that Christians in the U.S. have a "role to play" in ensuring peace in the region.

How Communists persecuted Christians: Bulgaria

From the mid 1940's until 1989, the Bulgarian church faced severe persecutions from the Communist authorities.

How Communists persecuted Christians: Romania

The Communist rule lasted almost half a century in Bucharest.

The highest chapel in Russia has been restored after arson

 The chapel should be blessed in September.

The official cause of the recent fire in a Kiev church is a short circuit

The organ and the interior of the "Pearl of Kiev" were damaged.

Icons and walls of Romanian church smeared by far-left activists

The radical Left is regularly targeting Christian places of wordship with similar acts of vandalism.

Croatian organist found dead after church collapses following deadly earthquake

Reports say the tremors were felt as far away as the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Two statues of Saint John Paul II vandalised in Ukraine

So far, nothing is known about the perpetrators of these acts of vandalism but an investigation is ongoing.