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Radio broadcaster calls for Christian unity among Russian attack on Ukraine

Moscow Orthodox Church

A Christian radio broadcaster in Ukraine is calling on Christians in Ukraine and Russia to unite as tensions between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church materialise against the backdrop of a simmering conflict between the two countries.


In an interview with The Christian Post, Daniel Johnson, who runs an Evangelical broadcasting organization providing Christian radio throughout Russia at a time when the government has stifled broadcasts operated by Evangelical Christians, elaborated on the situation on the ground and its implications for people of faith living in Ukraine.

“Christians are […] hoping that the Russians don’t come too far because churches will definitely be shut down in the areas that they take over because […] that’s their practice and that’s their history,” Johnson, the founder of the New Life Radio satellite network who is based in Odessa, Ukraine, said.

“We hope that Christians throughout America will partner with us so we can actually do this night and day and get the Gospel into communities throughout Russia. Most people don’t know that 99 percent of all communities in Russia have no local Christian station and when the government prevents the ability of Christians to develop media, to develop Christian stations, we provide that coverage. And we hope that people in America will join us,” he added. 


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