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An Orthodox priest was assaulted in Jerusalem

Jerusalem police told The Times of Israel they had no knowledge of the incident.

Three killed in attack on Ethiopian church

Three people were killed and at least four injured by alleged security forces.

Two Russian priests on trial for opposing war in Ukraine

Moscow isn't tolerating any dissent in this matter.

Ukrainian Orthodox priests have reportedly been tortured by Russian forces

On July 12, the metropolitan organised an ecumenical memorial for the fallen Ukrainian soldiers at Lviv's Lychakivsky Cemetery.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church severs ties with Moscow

The invasion of Ukraine has led to tense relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and other parishes.

Russian priest arrested for having condemned the invasion of Ukraine

Together with 284 other priests, Rev. Burdin signed a letter which called for an end to the war.

Ukrainian Orthodox Christians believe in a brighter future despite war

Over 10 million have been displaced from their homes in Ukraine.

Russian airstrikes hit Ukrainian Orthodox monastery sheltering refugees

Ukraine President Volodymyr says he's ready to hold peace talks with Russia in Jerusalem

Radio broadcaster calls for Christian unity among Russian attack on Ukraine

Daniel Johnson argued that Christians in the U.S. have a "role to play" in ensuring peace in the region.

Cyprus religious leaders condemn party at historic monastery

It is the only Armenian monastery on the island and an important historical site for the community living there.