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Christians who fled Ukraine with family grieve over country’s fate

A Ukrainian Christian who fled his country ahead of Russia’s invasion shared his heartache and grief over his compatriots suffering in the war-ravaged nation and wonders what will be left of their cities and villages when the fighting ceases.


Ruslan Maliuta, a Ukrainian Evangelical from Kyiv, who has spent the last four weeks in Switzerland, spoke to The Christian Post about the situation on the ground back home and urged Christians worldwide to pray for Ukraine to emerge from this conflict stronger than ever.

“We came to Western Europe about four weeks ago,” said Maliuta, referring to his wife and their five children who were forced to flee their home to escape the impending invasion of Russian troops. 

As repeated warnings about Russian President Vladimir Putin planning attacks on Ukraine gained the attention of global powers, Maliuta and his wife determined that circumstances were looking dire and “it might be a good idea to just go temporarily.”

Since their arrival in Switzerland, they’ve been praying that tensions will “de-escalate.” But now, the family is facing the gut-wrenching reality that they don’t know when, or even if, they’ll ever be able to return home. 


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